Organizational and Sustainability Consulting


Agile Organizational Culture

New Ways of Collaboration

Digitization is a major process in your organization, but you are not getting the desired results?   

Do you wish to see the full benefits that sustainability brings to your organization?

Is your organization prepared for future innovation and business success to grow? 


Agile Organizational Culture

Enable long-term organizational success in a digital world
with dynamic, agil structures 
and sustainable, value-driven organizational developement. 


on the OUTSIDE is ensured by the sustainability on the INSIDE.

Sustainability as a social responsibility and entrepreneurial opportunity.


Work together at eye-level based on self-organization across all silos 
to co-create the next big thing.

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Enabling long-term organizational success

Unfolding the added value of sustainability and digitalization 

Attraction to customers through groundbreaking innovation

Increasing attractiveness for specialists and employees

Our Offering for Organizations

We guide organizations through transformation processes, focusing on the human side of digitalization, collaboration and sustainable development. 

Together with you, we design your individual, unique path to your solution with...

Sustainable, Agile Organizational development
Team Building and Team Development
Leadership Development
Communication Training
Open Innovation Processes

Development of Sustainable Business Models

Pieces of the puzzle we're working on...

  • Sustainability
  • Value and Supply Chain
  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • Stakeholdermanagement
  • Digital Transformation
  • Agility 
  • Value and Vision Work 
  • Purpose
  • Collaboration

Popular Workshop Topics

Agility Lab

Are you interested in what advantages an agile organizational structure can offer you?
With us you will recognize and understand the possibilities of agility and what it means for the way you work and your business model

How Digital Collaboration Succeeds

You as a team have been quite successful so far, but in terms of collaboration there is room for improvement. On this interactive workshop we meet to have fun first and foremost and we try out interesting tools and practices to improve collaboration.

Dealing with VUCA

How agility can help us to successfully deal with the challenges of our time.

Potential for Success of Sustainability

How considering INNER sustainability influences the success of OUTER sustainability.

Unlocking Potential 

Raise the potential of your organization with empowered and  self-organized teams

Waterfall to Agility 

A successful start of agility in the organization requires a kind of transition for the people. We highlight what is important at that point and give important impulses your successful onset into agility. 

Communication 4.0 and human beings

How the human side of Communication 4.0 succeeds.

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Our Offering for Individuals

We offer Business Coaching for people in transformation processes, related to digitalization, new ways of collaboration and sustainable development. 

You feel like you want to clarify your way to speed up towards your goals? 

Are you looking for a trustworthy coach who will reflect on your issues together with you in order to gain new insights, perspectives and approaches for successful development?

If your answer is YES, a Business Coaching Session could be valuable to you, because it might brings you further on the way to your goals.

Business Coaching Session 

In this 60 minute Business Coaching Session we focus on your topics and what really gets you further on the way to your goals.

Matching Fusion is the transformation and collaboration consultancy 
specialized in meaningful organizational development, sustainability, cultural change and agile business design, leveraging the human aspect.


Drawing on 17 years of experience in management positions, both as Production Manager and General Manager, Heike Grosch founded her transformation and collaboration consultancy Matching Fusion in 2020. 

She supports organizations and their leaders make changes in their corporate cultures to promote new work environments and agility powered by humanity, a sense of purpose and personal and economic sustainability in an effort to drive personal and organizational development and innovation.


 Getting in touch is very easy:
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