Organizational Development

We offer Organizational Development focused on Sustainability and Agility. 

The following topics will receive special attention:

  • Open Innovation Processes
  • Sustainable Business Models
  • Team Development

Price:  individually depending on scope

Leadership Programm Grounding for Leaders

Be part of the next batch.
The guided 12-week programm is characterized by a deep insight experience, the opportunity to explore fascinating topics, change your mindset, develop new behaviors and implement these improvements in practice.

The leadership program includes:

6 individual Coaching Sessions of 1h
6 Group Sessions of 1h each
8 Mastermind Group Sessions of 1h
12 Yoga Sessions
6 Meditation Sessions
12 In-depth individual Work Sessions

Exploring... Companionship Program

Inspirational companionship throughout one year
characterized by discovering, exploring, perceiving, trying out and bringing into the world.

The Exploring...
Companionship Program includes:


10 individual Coaching Sessions of 1h

10 In-depth individual Work Sessions

Mastermind Groups Matching Pool

Your next step towards a mastermindgroup: 
Become a member of the Mastermind Matching Pool of Matching Fusion. Apply now!

Price:  free of charge

Business Coaching Session 

We offer Business Coaching for people in transformation processes, related to digitalization, new ways of collaboration and sustainable development. 

You feel like you want to clarify your way to speed up towards your goals? 

Are you looking for a trustworthy coach who will reflect on your issues together with you in order to gain new insights, perspectives and approaches for successful development?

In this 60 minute Business Coaching Session we focus on your topics and what really gets you further on the way to your goals.

Surf the wave of success