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Collaboration Coaching 

Leadership Program

Where can I find out more about the modules of the Leadership Program Grounding for Leaders?

Module 1 

Positioning - Orientation - Meaning

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We will adress the following questions:
Where am I really at right now? 
How do I find orientation? 
How can I stabilize myself? 
What do I need to deal better with ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty? 
How do I feel more happiness in my life? 
How do I find the courage to go my own way? 
How does resilience and mental well-being help me to go my way?

Module 2

Feelings: in Business? YES!

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We will investigate these questions among others:
What moves me? What triggers me?
What kind of needs do I have?
How do i feel?
How do I deal with my feelings, especially in business?
Where is the added value for me to do so?

Module 3

Values and Identity

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In this module, these questions are of special interest to us:
What are my core strengths, passions, and values? 
What is my authentic self? 
What is the deepest meaning in my life? 
How do I give the expression? 
How do my values influence my actions and my reactions? What would happen if I lived according to my values? 
Who am I? 
What do I stand for?
What do I really, really want?

Module 4

Love your work 

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We will embrace these questions:
How does love and work fit together? 
Surrender: What do I surrender to? Why?
What would I like to indulge in?
How do I express my love for what I do? 
How do I live my love for my business?

Module 5

Vision - Where do I want to go? 

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With these questions we will get closer:
Why do I need a vision? 
What is that for? 
How do I develop and recognize my vision? 
Was that my vision I lived according to for so many years?

Module 6

Development - My Way

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We will explore these questions:
What does development mean? 
What does development mean to me? 
Where could my development go? 
Realistically: what options may I have? 
All in all: Orientation, feelings, values, love and vision> Where could that lead me and what would I get out of it?

I want to participate. Where do I find the most important documents?

Principles and Values 

Find here the principles and values to which we are committed as participants of Matching Fusion events.

Mastermind Groups

How can I join a Masterming Group?

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If you are interested in participating in a mastermind group, please follow the link and register on the memberspot platform. 
We add you in the Matching Pool for Mastermindgroups, free of charge.
As soon as a suitable mastermind group emerges, you will be notified in writing and asked if you would like to participate now. If this is the case, you will receive a link to pay the participation fee.
Here we go...

Your Benefits

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The biggest benefit lots of participants say are the new perpectives they gain thanks to the Mastermind Groups hosted by Matching Fusion. They love the support they get from others through the sharing of knowledge, experience, inspiration and ideas. Moreover they are talking about broadening horizons by exploring new approaches and new solution strategies.

People are expanding their network through Mastermind Groups by getting to know new intersting people, they probabliy never have met. They appreciate the networking, the communication on eye level and the deep reflection on their cases.  

Being part of a Mastermind Group of Matching Fusion could be a booster for the own personal development. 

If you want to know more about what participants of a Mastermind Group said, take a look at the goal attainers at the Mastermind Group side. 

What is important in a Mastermind Group? 

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A Mastermind Group only could work well if there is openess and honesty.
Openness in sharing your case:  What it is really about? Where is the pain point? Where is the wall you are running against? Where do you need help?
Honesty to yourself at first and to other members of the Mastermind Group. 
To prepare the soil for openess and honesty there has to be trust within the Mastermind Group and confientiality towards third parties. It is important to create a safe space for everybody.

Every member is responsible for this safe space, for the outcome she/he takes from every group and for their own personal process. Participation in a Mastermind Group may cause inner personal development. So it is good to be aware and ready for this to happen. 

For successful attendance in a mastermind group it is important to have a time commitment from every member. Being respectful to others is shown by attention to every case and participation with and without words. 

The Mastermind Group of Matching Fusion is out standing, because
we use deep listening and deep talk.
The awareness lies on the way we are listening and the way we communicate with each other.  This is where the magic begins...

I want to participate. Where do I find the most important documents?

Principles and Values 

Find here the principles and values to which we are committed as participants of a Matching Fusion events.

General Information 

Where do I find the General Terms and Conditions?

Where is the Declaration of consent to the processing of personal data?