Agility Lab

4-week workshop series to get to know and try out agility

Are you interested in what advantages an agile organizational structure can offer you?

With us you will recognize and understand the possibilities of agility and what it means for the way you work and your business model.

Your Challenges

  • Uncertainty about the developments of our time.
  • Speed at which changes happen.
  • Complexity on many levels.
  • Lack of ideas about the possibilities of agility.
  • Time pressure

Your Benefit

  • Clearer image of agility.
  • A roadmap for adopting agility.
  • Direct involvement of teams in this experience-based process.
  • Small units of experience that can be easily integrated into day-to-day business.
  • Enables more informed decisions.
  • Intensive and competent project support.
  • Short time to market.


Drawing on 17 years of experience in management positions, both as Production Manager and General Manager, Heike Grosch founded her transformation and collaboration consultancy Matching Fusion in 2020. 

She supports organizations and their leaders make changes in their corporate cultures to promote new work environments and agility powered by humanity, a sense of purpose and personal and economic sustainability in an effort to drive personal and organizational development and innovation.